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December 29, 2013

American Hustle

American Hustle is the story of a conartist couple that is forced to help an eager FBI agent catch some major criminals. It is roughly based on a 1970's sting operation called ABSCAM that focused on finding corrupt public figures. The film stars Christian Bale, Amy Adams, Bradley Cooper, and Jennifer Lawrence. While the story is similar to many other conartist films, the satire in this film goes above and beyond any film I have seen before. Along with fantastic comedic timing, these all-star actors give some amazing performances. The acting is a definite highlight in this film.

The comedy in this film is one of its strengths. I was very confused after watching the previews to hear that this is considered a comedy. Throughout the movie I asked myself if I would consider it a comedy. As the entire audience laughed out loud frequently, there was no question that this is a comedy, and a great one. This is really what sets this movie apart from others. 

Another major strength is the acting. Christian Bale has demonstrated his strength and range many times in frequent years. This is another hit out of the park. The opening scene finds Bale working on his elaborate comb over, a perfect sign of the times. This hysterical scene sets the tone for the whole movie and shows off Bale's skills as an actor. Amy Adams and Bradley Cooper give exceptional performances also. They both have demonstrated their range. This really showed off their comedic timing. Jennifer Lawrence rounds out this cast. She is just beginning to show off her varying talents. In this film she shows that she can hang with the big dogs. She is able to be physical with her acting and keep up her character in some of the most hilarious scenes in the movie. I was extremely impressed with her performance. It is not surprising that this performance has put her name in the running for more awards this year. 

Overall, American Hustle is a comical twist on a regular conartist story. The story won't blow you away, but the comedic writing and production along with some fantastic acting will leave you wanting more.