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Love and Other Drugs

Love and Other Drugs  is yet another film about a couple that tries to have a sex-only relationship. This one is a little bit deeper than just two friends trying to have a good time, but the depth is not really revealed through previews. I had heard mixed reviews about this film, but was intrigued because it received some attention during award season. Like many other films, the actors received nominations for awards but the film as a whole did not. Usually this translates to an average plot that was incredibly acted. Love and Other Drugs actually has a great story of two people who are struggling accepting themselves as someone that can be loved or is worth loving. It is then taken to the next level by the phenomenal acting of Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal! Gyllenhaal and Hathaway have both done a mixed bags of films, many basic and shallow. This film really showed off their great acting! It is clear that this is the greatest strength of the movie, but it is also entertaining, emotional, and a little funny. I had lowered my expectations after some disappointing reviews, but I was very pleasantly surprise. It was emotional, fun, and serious.

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Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go is the story of three friends who grew up in an English boarding school that has strict rules and raises children for a special, very unusual purpose. It has romance and jealousy, extreme emotion and a sci-fi aspect. It is a gut wrenching story of how these three people grow up, learn about their own lives, and cope with the difficulties that this special purpose causes for them. It is very interesting! The acting is wonderful featuring Keira Knightley, Carey Mulligan, and Andrew Garfield. It is a very unusual story and creates a different world that is definitely centered on questionable ethics. It may be hard for some people to buy into this idea and this world that was created, but overall I loved it! I am wondering how it did not win more awards. However, there were a lot of heavy-hitters in 2010 when this film was released. It did win the Phoenix Critics Society's Best Overlooked Film Award, which I think describes it perfectly. It is a very unusual film, but I think it is the one that was definitely overlooked.



Buried is yet another film where Ryan Reynolds shows that he is good looking, but not good at acting. The entire movie is filmed in a box! Ryan Reynolds in a box for over an hour with a few items to keep him busy trying to figure out what happened to him and how to save himself. The story could have greatly benefited from a flashback scene or a scene taking place anywhere other than a box. But I don't think that would have saved it. The plot is not interesting. You pretty much only keep watching because you assume it has to get better at sometime. But it doesn't!


Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine was a controversial, yet critically-acclaimed romance film. Ryan Goseling and Michelle Williams were each nominated for an Oscar in the categories of Best Actor and Best Actress. They each gave great performances, but the plot was so-so. It is pretty clear why the actors were nominated but the film as a whole was not. The film tells the story of how Goesling and Williams's characters met and grew in their relationship. It is a pretty typical indie film. It has the plot that is kind of depressing, some interesting scenes, but mostly you are just wondering where it's all going. The ending is open-ended leaving you with lots of questions, plus many of the scenes were just awkward and confusing. It went through a lot of controversy with its rating, originally getting an N-17 rating which was later overturned. It is a little racy, so I can see how this happened.

Overall, I had very mixed feelings. It was interesting to see the relationship develop and the acting was great, but there is always that feeling that nothing really happened at the end of the film. I hate that feeling! If you really like indie-type films, Redbox it. Otherwise, I would not recommend Blue Valentine for you.