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November 15, 2010

Morning Glory

I had very low expectations for this seemingly typical, lackluster comedy about a young TV producer who tries to accomplish her dreams against all odds. This appeared to be a potential money-maker but nothing special. Throughout the entire film I continued to be pleasantly surprised.

First, the writing was very impressive. The humor in this film was different than the comedy that you see in the usual comedic drama/romance. I cannot quite place what makes this humor so special, but it adds a great element to this film. Perhaps it stems from the fact that it's based on the real life charade that is morning new shows. The quick witted one liners are humorous and realistic, because the ploys used to boost ratings are ridiculous but effective. It seems to be true that ridiculous stories get higher ratings on morning air shows more than actual news. This real life absurdity fuels the creative, unusual writing in this film.

Second, Rachel McAdams plays a character distant from the characters she has played before. This character is well developed and quirky in a way you can't help but love. She demonstrates mannerisms that are very unique, funny, and lovable. She has always been an excellent romantic actress, but this is an enlightening change of pace. Props to her and the writers for creating this character. 

Lastly, the relationship that develops between McAdams' character and Harrison Ford's character is phenomenal. Again, I think this is rooted in reality. It is a masterful mash of father-daughter/mentor-
protégé- type relationship with a mix of admiration tied in. The writer/director added in a romantic interest and storyline also, but I found the McAdams-Ford relationship much more realistic, natural, and fulfilling. This relationship advanced and strengthened the plot more than any romantic bond could have.

Overall, I was again surprised by the witticism and realistic situations integrated into this comedic "drama". I was very skeptical and really enjoyed this film, so I would recommend it for most people. It looks like a chick flick but in reality it is geared towards anyone with a dream or who likes to see the underdog work towards the impossible goal!

My recommendation: See It!