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May 6, 2011


Thor is the most recent of Marvel Comic's superhero movies. It tells the story of a king's son from another realm who is banished to Earth because of his arrogance and hostility. Thor is a member of the future Avengers, along with Ironman, the Hulk, Captain America, and a few others. Because of this relation it is difficult not to compare Thor to the other Marvel movies that have been released recently (Ironman and The Incredible Hulk). Thor is the first of these installments to be in 3D which is a major benefit. It is very mythical which is a major difference from the other films and  the story seems weak compared to the other films.

First off, from my experience, any time Marvel Comics is involved in making a comic film, it is a much better quality than without Marvel's involvement. Thor continues this theory. It has great quality, clearly a budget was not skimped or limited. The 3D is pretty consistent throughout the film and used to enhance the film rather than provide a few fancy pop-outs or effects like some other 3D films. I think this 3D brings an element that the other films were missing and keeps up with the times as well. Based on overall quality, Thor  is up to par.

A big difference in this film is the mythological elements of this background story. The previous superhero films have more of a science fiction feel. The story of Thor  is based in a world made up of 9 realms with a wormhole, of sorts, to travel in between. This is not a positive or negative, but just an element that makes Thor seem as though it doesn't quite fit with the previous, Ironman and The Incredible Hulk, and the future, Captain America. 

The weakest part of Thor is the overall story in this specific movie. Once you are halfway through and the background story is finished, there's not much to get excited about. There's a few family problems, a couple more fight scenes, and a sad closing scene that sets up the future films in this installment. The background story is very interesting, but the rest leaves you checking your watch, which is the worst sign for a movie. I think this is a weakness in all comic films as the writers have to choose one story for the superhero from what is originally made as a series. The emphasis is placed on the background story to support the future films, but this causes a major loss in interesting plot.

Overall, the quality of this film is great. The 3D is used to make this a superior-quality film. Marvel does a great job of keeping their work at a high standard. While I am a 100% proponent of this series of films leading up to the Avengers film next summer, I am predicting that Thor will be the weakest part released before the Avengers. The same humor and action are incorporated that were used the create the success of Ironman, but the plot is not as interesting. If you are sucked into this series like I am, I would definitely recommend it in theaters. This will be the only way to get the full 3D effect. If superhero comics are not your thing, wait until it comes out on DVD. But Thor is definitely a film to see.

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