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September 24, 2011


Moneyball tells the story of the Oakland Athletics's General Manager as he tries to create a successful team on a fraction of the budget of his opponents. This is an excellent story that incorporates the intensity and emotions of baseball. Brad Pitt shows us once again how great he is at acting. The producers and director used great creative in their filmography also.

This story is excellent! It is a incorporates the great intensity that baseball fans love and the behind the scenes drama brings you into another realm. It is exciting and keeps you hooked, especially if you are a baseball fan already, but non-baseballs will enjoy it too.

It's been a little while since we heard anything about Brad Pitt that wasn't just family drama. He shows off his excellent acting skills once again in this movie. Also, the producers and director did a great job using a lot of creativity in the filming and scenes.  This creativity added another element of depth to make this not just another sports movie.

Overall, this was an excellent movie. I expect it to be a box office big hitter! Pitt does some great acting, the story is riveting and emotional, and the extra creativity gives it something different.