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September 28, 2010

Director's Cut

I feel that I need to explain a little bit about how I look at and think about movies. I see two different categories that movies fit into. The first is what I call popular movies. These are the movies that appeal to the masses and often make all the money at the box office. I take these movies for what they are. I don't believe the goal of creating these movies is to win awards or make high-quality films. The people involved in these movies are trying to entertain the viewers; therefore, I will look at and judge the quality of these films. But in reality, that doesn't matter. All the matters is how entertained the masses will be.

The other category of movies is the high-quality, life-changing films that are generally (or should be) nominated for awards or recognized for their quality. These films are generally not enjoyed by all people. I look at these films more critically and will mention that they are not made as much for entertainment as they are for quality. I am surrounded by many people who do not enjoy or appreciate most of the movies that fit into this category. That is why I judge all movies for what they are and what the main goal of making them is.

First Recommendation- Iron Man 2
It is Tuesday and new DVD's are released today. The only one I know much about is Iron Man 2. This fits into the popular movies category, so take that for what it's worth. Overall, it has pretty good writing and who doesn't love Robert Downing Jr??? I have been completely sucked into the comic/superhero movie phenomenon. Ever since Marvel Comics became involved with the production of these movies, there has been a great increase in the quality. The plan to make the individual superhero movies leading up to Avengers movies is business genius. I am one of the many who have been hooked and are along for the whole ride. Check this one out if you are looking for some superhero action filled with RDJ's comedic one-liners.