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October 7, 2010

The Social Network

Before seeing this film, I knew this was an amazing story that was current and exciting; therefore, I had very high hopes for this film. It had to be done perfectly. Luckily, it was! There were two areas that stood out most. First, Jesse Eisenberg is perfect for the role of Mark Zuckerberg and the writing for this character was flawless. Many critics have noted that this character is socially awkward and ends up being some-what unlikable. This is portrayed in the movie, but the writer puts the perfect spin so that you like the unlikeable character. You are rooting for him while also waiting for him to fail (especially since most people know Zuckerberg had to pay for his actions in the end). This should be the goal of every writer for the antagonist, which was met perfectly in this film through Eisenberg’s portrayal of the character. Second, the productions perfectly created seamless transitions between the “present” scenes showing the legal depositions and the events that are being discussed in said depositions. I don’t think I’ve ever seen this done in a way that requires no identification, no pause in events, and no explanation. It flows perfectly in a way that makes you even more intrigued. The legal scenes set you up to ask questions about the events that caused them. Then the cycle continues to keep you on your toes.

This film gave an amazing portrayal of a story that is so current everyone can relate to it. Facebook is such a major part of current pop culture that it almost feels unreal to be seeing the story on screen already. This alone made this film extraordinary!

Overall, the film used the perfect actors to tell an extraordinary story that is unbelievably current. That sounds like a recipe for success to me! I would recommend this film to anyone and everyone. It has suspense yet evokes so much emotion. It is a story for the ages that just happens to be set in the current age.