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January 3, 2011

Little Fockers

The third film in the Meet the Parents series keeps the same realistic family humor and the characters that we all love, but doesn’t quite measure up to the original.
You can’t doubt that the writers of Meet the Parents created incredible characters that nearly every person in America can relate to. They also created a story line that is hilarious and again something nearly everyone can relate to. Both of these can be said about the most recent film in this series, Little Fockers. They were very lucky to bring back all the original cast members once again and use the humor we love in a whole new way. This time Deb and Greg Focker have a family of their own and the grandparents are coming to visit.
The storyline and characters stays true the theme of the previous two films, but the predictability and craziness are there also.  This is the only downfall of Little Fockers. The ending, as with the previous films, displays excessive insanity and complete predictability.
With both of these things in mind, I was not disappointed by Little Fockers. I always worry that sequels will be complete failures, but this film created a whole new plot with the same characters we have loved from the previous films. It is not an attempted to repeat the original. It does not use a bad storyline to make some extra dough off a overtold story. That is the best you can ask for in a sequel in my opinion. If you are in love with Jack Byrnes and the Focker crew, get yourself to a theater now. If not, save your money and Redbox it!
Redbox It!