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August 19, 2011

One Day

One Day tells the story of two friends through accounts of where they are on the same day each year. It is based on a book by David Nichols, which is usually a good sign. However, this film was not at all what I expected. It has two actors who I love that acted well, but I was not impressed with the plot or the writing. It is fair to say that I was quite disappointed.

The previews for this film make it seem like a whirlwind romance between two people who are destined to be together. This is somewhat true in the film, but it all kind of gets lost in the shuffle. We don't get much background story since we only see the characters on one day out of the year. There is almost no attempt to fill the audience in on what has happened the rest of the year. There was no build up to make it feel as though these two were meant for each other. There was no climactic, romantic scene when they make an advancement in this relationship. It was just all flat. Then out of no where one thing changes the whole path of the film. After this everything becomes depressing, but then the plot finally gets a bit romantic in the last few scenes of the film. It was all just a mess.

I do love Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess who both did a good acting job. But the writing was awkward and choppy. The plot didn't really flow because we didn't get any hints into what happened during the days of the year we weren't seeing. The biggest problem, though, was it was very slow. I have not been bored in a movie in a loooooooong time! I kept talking to my friends sitting next to me, because most of the movie was not keeping my attention. If I had watched this movie at home, I definitely would have fallen asleep.

Overall, I like the concept of this film and the actors could make it great. But we did not get enough information to feel anything for the characters or fully understand their relationship. There was a little bit of romance towards the end of the film, but this just didn't measure up to expectations.

It's hard to say don't see it, but don't be sad if you miss it.