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August 5, 2011

The Change-Up

The Change-Up is a cookie cutter comedy about two friends who magically switch bodies, a new version of Freaky Friday. It stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds who both found their niche in this genre! It was very funny, but included a lot of what I would call "guy humor." I didn't realize it was R rated, so the nudity surprised me! Overall, it is a typical comedy, nothing too unique, but it was funny!

The best part of this movie was the acting! I love Jason Bateman. He can do no wrong in my book, but he is perfectly suited for this type of movie. He plays a workaholic lawyer with three kids who sped through life to climb the corporate ladder as quickly as possible. Ryan Reynolds plays his life-long best friend who is the exact opposite. He is the slacker ladies man who never finishes anything, cusses incessantly, and spends his time with "quite a few lovely ladies." Reynolds has not always been the strongest actor, but this role really suited him. He played the lazy bachelor well and was believable as the slacker trying to act like a business man. I think these two were perfect together!

The movie was very funny, which is what you expect from a comedy. The plot is very predictable. Everybody realized that what they have is really great and the people close to them reveal telling information that makes them want to better their lives. The plot will not shock or surprise you, but it will make you laugh! As I mentioned a lot of the humor is "guy humor:" poop jokes and babies playing in the kitchen (which was giving me a heart-attack). It was funny, but some of the humor was immature or male-oriented. This plus the boob-action leads me to believe the execs were shooting for a male audience.

Overall, this was a funny comedy. Again, no one is going to be getting a call during award season, but I don't think that's what they were aiming for. It's a cookie cutter format that works (the theater was full!). It is funny. It has a bit of a twist to make it slightly different than similar movies. It's a fun movie and even throws in a little romance! It'll make you laugh and hopefully reflect on how great your life really is. I don't think you need to run out and see it right away, but it's worth a dollar!

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