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July 29, 2011

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Crazy, Stupid, Love is a romantic comedy about a variety of individuals as they embark on their own struggles with relationships and mostly love. There is some great acting, hilarious one liners, and a few hopeless romantics. It is very idealistic, a little over the top at the end, but I really enjoyed it!

This was definitely a comedy. It was really funny with lots of one liners to keep you laughing! It is also very romantic, you are striving for these couples to make it through. But it was very different from other romantic comedies. This is mainly because the story is told from the men's perspective. The men are the ones  cheated on and damaged trying to pick up the pieces. This made the whole dynamic of the movie very different. It also was not happy-go-lucky through most of the movie. There was a lot of down-in-the-dumps moments, but yet again, somehow misery is hilarious!

My favorite part was the acting! Steve Carell perfectly portrays a 40-something man who's let himself go a bit. He hilariously shows this character that is downtrodden and the opposite of hip trying to turn his life around. His chemistry with Julianne Moore is questionable at times, but I think you are still fighting for these two throughout the movie. Ryan Gosling was also perfect as the confident, studly, womanizer who takes Carell's character under his wing. These two have great chemistry perfectly showing a man's perspective of relationship struggles. The casting of these two is great for a movie centered on the men! Emma Stone did a great job also. Her chemistry with Gosling was believable and romantic. This is a more mature role for her. She plays a mature woman about to begin her law career, much different than a high school hottie.

This movie, like many romantic comedies, was very idealistic! Everything is grand gestures and ends conveniently. But we have our own lives for depressing story lines, a little idealism won't hurt while we are at the movies. The ending is over the top. I do think it could have been wrapped up in a way that was a little more believable. I don't like to reveal too much, so that's about all I can say about that.

Overall, I had fun watching this movie. It was funny! It had some great acting and hilarious lines and moments. It is idealistic and doesn't have the best ending, but all this is forgivable. It claims to be the best comedy of the summer, which I don't think it quite achieves. There have been a lot of comedies this summer, and a couple really good ones. But I enjoyed it a lot!

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