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July 23, 2011

Friends with Benefits

Friends with Benefits is a romantic comedy about two friends that decide they want a sex-only, emotionless relationship. I am sure you are probably thinking, "I've seen that movie already. " My thoughts exactly when I first heard the premise, but don't let the plot fool you. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis star in a very funny spin on the usual friends with benefits story. The characters are great and these two actors portray them perfectly. Add in the R rated humor and you have the perfect romantic comedy!

As a female who was on the Nsync side of the best boy band debate in middle school, the highlight of this movie is Justin Timberlake. However, if you were on the Backstreet Boys side or avoided boy bands all together, I have a feeling you will still be impressed with comedy and charisma that Timberlake and Kunis bring to the screen in Friends with Benefits. These two have great onscreen chemistry and I don't think anyone will mind seeing both of their backsides. Kunis has proven her acting abilities, but she really shows off her comedic ability in this film. (I even heard Timberlake compliment her on her comedic timing in an interview on Ellen).  The duo takes this cliche plot and make it something current and special.

The writers created two characters that are classified by their exes as "emotionally damaged" and "emotionally unavailable." I think most people in the world can fit into some kind of emotionally dysfunctional category.  Relateable characters make each viewer really put themselves into the shoes of the character that they relate to most! I'm sure every woman, and some guys too, could see their reflection a little bit when they watch this movie.

Ratings can always put an interesting twist on a movie. An R rating saved this movie from revealing it's best moments in the previews. I mention this often, but this is the ultimate downfall of a movie, especially a comedy. Many hilarious moments were in the previews, but many of the funniest moments would probably not be approved by most networks! The R rating was necessary and perfect for this movie!

Overall, this is a romantic comedy. It's not a deep, life-changing plot. Its writers are not going to be holding their breathe when Oscar noms are announced. But it is funny and cute and fun to watch! I was really concerned that this would be a repeat of a similar movie I saw at the beginning of the year, but I think Friends with Benefits outdid similar movies! It has many funny moments, a great mix of 90s throw back jams and some recent pop hits, and entertaining actors! It's one of those movies that you laugh throughout and at the end think, "That was fun!"

See It!