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February 13, 2011

The Company Men

The Company Men tells the story of how three business men are affected by a major downsizing of their large transportation company. This turns into an emotional rollercoaster as their lives seem to end when their jobs are over. It is enlightening and thoughtful with a few kinks along the way.

I'll start with the positives- The Company Men is a great story, especially with our current economy. Many people are going through this situation or similar ones. This is also very emotional. The writer, John Wells, created some great characters. Each of the three men are at different levels of the corporate ladder and different periods in their life. But on top of the emotion, it also sheds a positive light on this very depressing situation that many people have experienced. The film brings life to the message that there are positives aspects to each situation and you just have to find them.

And just a few negatives- The plot was a little slow at times. This is a great story with great characters, but depressing, unemployed life can be slow moving at times. Also, while the characters are relatable and diverse, they are not developed very well. I was often confused which business man was with which woman and which house and which expensive car. Maybe this is because all of the wealthy, now jobless men and their belongings look the same.

Overall, The Company Men portrays a great story with great characters that is a little slow and could use some more character development. I think it’s a great film with great actors, but you don’t necessarily need to spend the fortune that a movie ticket costs these days to see it.

Redbox/Netflix IT!!!