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February 5, 2011

The Rite

I was very reluctant to see this film, because it did not look like a quality film and the religious emphasis always seems like a risky idea to me. As the top box office film, I felt I had to give it a shot. However, I don't have much to say.

The Rite is the story of a man studying to be a priest who is sent to Rome to learn how to do exorcisms. This films is essentially a newer version of the Exorcist with a little twist. It has its make-you-jump moments and some thrill throughout the film. This does provide the fright that a movie goer would look for in a horror type film. And the plot is not terrible. Anthony Hopkins brings his usually terror to this film. With all of that said, there were some slight set issues and mediocre acting and writing.

Overall, it is not as terrible as I expected. It does have the scary moments that you would like in a horror film, but I don't think it will compare to any of the classic horror films. It shakes you up and puts you on the edge of your seat more than anything else. If you are a horror or fright film lover, check it out! Otherwise, I would call this film missable.