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February 2, 2011

The King’s Speech

I have FINALLY made it to see The King’s Speech. I have had very high hopes for this film as it seem to be one of the best movies of the year according to many different critics and groups. Usually with such high expectations, I am disappointed. But every once in awhile a film comes along like The King’s Speech that lives up to its hype! This story is so incredibly human that everyone can relate to it and sympathize with the main character. The directing and writing perfectly creates the portrayal of this story. And the acting puts all other aspects to shame!
First, the story… This film tells the story of King George VI, before he’s king, as he struggles with a speak impediment. This is a story of friendship, family struggle, compassion, loyalty, and, most of all, confidence. This is such a relatable, human story of a person in a position that is often seen as divine and perfect. This film shows the real-life struggles of a king which are similar to the problems of “commoners.”
Second, the writing and directing of this film are clearly worthy of award. This film has been nominated for 12 Academy Awards, more than any other film this year. This is accredit to many people, but most of all director Tom Hooper and writer David Seidler.
But none of these awards and honors would have been possible without the phenomenal cast. Colin Firth is nearly perfect as the stammering future king. How he managed to stutter throughout all filming is beyond me. This is, I assume, the work of an excellent voice coach. (Through my curiosity I discovered Firth’s voice coach was actually his sister, Kate, who he described as “jaw-dropping” in her abilities. ) There is no doubt that Firth should win all awards for leading actor! Helena Bonham Carter has been seen in many interesting roles, but this one is much more normal, for lack of a better word, than her other roles. In The King’s Speech she plays the supportive wife of the future king of England. I don’t believe anyone else could have portrayed this character better, because Bohnam Carter brings her own quirkiness and the seriousness of a very talented actor. Both characteristics are necessary for this queenly role. Geoffrey Rush also gives an excellent performance as the future king’s speech coach. This character has to flirt with the lines of inappropriateness and delve into the fears of the king. Rush perfectly shows this daring character while also showing the compassion and friendliness needed to win over the audience, and his patient the King.
Overall, this film tells any amazing story about a king that needs a friend who can provide some compassion and confidence. The writing, directing, and acting are exceptional! I expected this film to undoubtedly be my choice for best film of 2010. While it is definitely one of the best, I am not sure if I would give it my best picture vote. Regardless, it is an excellent film and I suggest you see it.