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June 4, 2011

The Hangover: Part 2

The Hangover Part 2 chronicles the disaster that ensues when the Wolfpack is reunited in Thialand for Stu's wedding. It has the same characters and similar catastrophes as the first Hangover film. I was very concerned that it would be a total flop, because The Hangover was so great and unique that it cannot be repeated. However, the executives did a great job of keeping the same actors, staying true to the characters, and creating new adventures for our favorite best friends to go on.

The best aspect of The Hangover Part 2 is the fact that all the original actors were part of this film too. It would not have been the same if they would have changed, as often happens with sequels. Also, the writers stayed very true to the personalities of these characters. Again, many sequels go too far to create humor and completely change the characters. These writers perfectly kept the uniqueness of each character and created new situations for them to experience.

The writers also did a great job of creating similar, hilarious activities without repeating those that happened in the first Hangover.  From bar fights to mistakes with prostitutes, The Hangover Part 2 created all new disasters to make you laugh.

Overall, The Hangover is film that cannot be repeated, but The Hangover Part 2 kept the best parts of the original without copying it completely. It is unrealistic that such shenanigans would occur twice, but we don't go to the  movies to watch something realistic. Part 2 is hilarious in it's own way. I don't think any comedy with measure up to  The Hangover, but The Hangover Part 2 comes very close.