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June 29, 2011

Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher is a comedy about a middle school teacher who is not at all equipped to be a teacher. Her main goal is to find a wealthy man to take care of her. Cameron Diaz does an amazing job portraying this gold digger. A strong, hilarious cast supports her well also. It is a very funny film! (Although, I am slightly biased as a teacher). It's a funny movie with a shallow, but funny story and some great comedic writing!

The strongest point is the comedy. This is a full on comedic movie! Granted I saw it with a group of teachers, but we barely stopped laughing the whole time. The writing was great with hilarious scene after hilarious scene. The acting perfectly created theses scenes and quotes. Unlike some other comedies, Bad Teacher has less one liners and more physical humor. This is a testament to the strength of the actors! The writing was well done also.  I absolutely hate when comedies get really serious with an underlying message after they have made you laugh for at least an hour. Bad Teacher did it perfectly! There was an underlying message about being less superficial, but it was not corny or overly sentimental! Loved it!

I was a little disappointed with Justin Timberlake's performance.  I am a huge Justin fan, but this character was not quite right from him or he didn't portray it well. I'm not sure which was the issue, but it didn't sit right with me.  The story is not spectacular or deep, but that's not what a comedy is supposed to be.  I worry that others will not be able to relate to the film as well as teachers do. Hopefully it will make you laugh though.

Overall, I loved this movie! It has good comedic acting and writing. It is not life changing, but it does make you laugh. That is all a comedy is supposed to do!