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June 11, 2011

Super 8

Super 8 is a film about a group of kids that witness a catastrophic train wreck outside their small Ohio town. When unusual things start happening throughout the town, these kids investigate to see what is causing all the strange occurrences. This is Steven Spielberg's newest film, joined by J.J. Abrams as writer and director. Like most Spielberg films, it has a unique story and lots of surprises. It is very well written. The acting was great! It definitely had me hook for the entire 112 minutes. There were a few weaknesses, but overall it does not disappoint.

The story in this film is very Sci-Fi and out of this world. There was a few moments that I could not quite accept the crazy occurrences that were happening. When electronics and pets are going missing throughout the town and people are being dragged away by an unknown force, I began to think this was a little too outside the box for me. However, Speilberg and Abrams changed my thoughts when they slowly began sharing information about these mysteries, a little at a time. Letting the viewer in with bits and pieces keeps you guessing.

My only other disappointment was the similarities between this film and other films (most of which involving Speilberg). I would describe Super 8 as a cross between Transformers, E.T., and The Goonies. This film was rumored to be Speilberg's next great film. I wish the writers and Speilberg could have come up with something that didn't nearly copy previous films.

Aside from a moment of frustration about a lack of knowledge shared with the viewer and some repeat of material, this was an excellent film. With a cast of mostly young actors, you have to wonder how well the portrayals will come across on screen. These young actors were super! I thought the story was good, the effects added to the story, and there is definitely excitement from start to finish. I am not sure that Super 8 will go down as one of Speilberg's greats, but it's definitely good.